Role provides expert guidance for your media investment, because:

Paid Advertising is a major operating expense. According to a 2015 Gartner Research study, “companies spent on average 10.2% of their annual 2014 revenue on overall marketing," of which paid media was the majority.

The U.S. Ad Market spend is larger than the next 6 Countries combined.

Social media isn't free, only 2% of Facebook followers see a brand's post if it's not promoted.

Facebook now drives more traffic to media sites than Google. There is no dividing line between paid and social media to the consumer, it's their primary place for consumption and communication.*

Broadcast is not dead for any demographic. A 2015 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report states: "TV Exceeds All Other Leisure Activities Combined."

Mobile growth remains dominant: In 2015 overall app usage grew by 58% according to Flurry Analytics and $4.6 billion was spent promoting app installs. Soon, however, the term "mobile" will become a vestigial distinction.

71% of Internet Lead Generation is wasted according to The Harvard Business Review.

Content Marketing is not a sustainable strategy. Mark Shaefer, a leading marketer, has stated: “Depending on the study you read, web-based content is doubling every 9 to 24 months," and “according to Nielsen and other sources, the amount of content we consume on a daily basis has grown from two hours a day in the 1920s to nearly 11 hours per day today.”